Published 2019

Published 2019


January 2019

4 January 2019
DCA/FAO PPR control and eradication programme rated by OIE as a Success story. Read the story here
8 January 2019
Take a look at DCA’s activities in the IFAD/MAIL CLAP Kuchi project
16 January 2019
Theo Lam, new chairman DCA Board
17 January 2019
DCA Herat Appreciation Letter
17 Oct 2019
DCA Participation in the Regional Workshop on Public-Private Partnerships in the Veterinary Domain
21 October 2019
Success story: Nawab Khan, a paravet trained by CLAP-Kuchi project
21 October 2019
Success Story: CLAP Kuchi, Producing more milk
21 October 2019
Success Story: CLAP Kuchi, Making butter
21 October 2019
24th Agriculture and Livestock Exhibition from 16th to 19th October 2019 at Badam Bagh Kabul
28 October 2019
Kuchi success story: women’s participation in livestock management
28 October 2019
BADILL: the success story of Ms Sabzpari
29 October 2019
Distribution of Artificial Insemination kits
25 December 2019
The CLAP-Kuchi Board event, GD of KUCHI’s Kabul

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