Scientific Papers

Livestock mortality and offtake in sheep and goat flocks of livestock owners making use of services offered by paravets in West Afghanistan

Chris J.M. Bartels, A. Qader Fakhri, M. Hamed Shams, Raymond P. Briscoe, Bram E.C. Schreuder; Preventive Veterinary Medicine 146, 79–85, 2017

Afghanistan and the development of alternative systems of animal health in the absence of effective government
Further observations on the impact of a veterinary programme in Afghanistan on seasonal livestock mortality

B.E.C. Schreuder & D.E. Ward., 23 ( 1 ), 285-295, 2004

B.E.C. Schreuder, N. Noorman, M. Halimi, G. Wassink, M. van Dommelen, M. Hennecken; Tropical Animal Health and Production, 30(2), 83-89, 1998

A benefit-cost analysis of veterinary interventions in Afghanistan based on a livestock mortality study
Livestock Mortality in Afghanistan in Districts with and without a Veterinary Programme

B.E.C. Schreuder, H.A.J. Moll, N. Noorman, M. Halimi, A.H. Kroese, G. Wassink; Preventive Veterinary Medicine 26, 303-314, 1996

B.E.C. Schreuder, N. Noorman, M. Halimi, G. Wassink; Tropical Animal Health and Production 28, 129-136, 1996

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