Our Approach

DCA commits itself to improve the lives of Afghan people by enhancing the health and productivity of their livestock.
Our approach consists of four main elements:

  • Technical and logistical support to VFUs
  • Extension to farmers (through VFUs)
  • Value chain and business development
  • Public-private partnership

Historically, the core element of DCA’s livestock program has been the training of paravets and the development of a national system of VFUs (Veterinary Field Units) in Afghanistan. The VFUs offer quality, affordable and accessible veterinary services to the local farmers. During the years, DCA has trained and supported over one thousand VFU staff. The VFU system of private animal health care has definitively proven itself. An almost nationwide network of VFUs now exists, built and supported by DCA and other NGOs, which takes care of the livestock of Afghanistan.

To make farmers aware of best practices in animal health and husbandry, extension programs are developed. The extension programs vary from personal advice of VFU staff to individual farmers to regular meetings of farmer extension groups. This twin-track of veterinary and extension services has not only proven to be a successful model to improve the health and production of the local livestock, but also to increase the demand of services from the VFU.

The development of livestock value chains offers new economic opportunities in the livestock sector. At the producers’ level, DCA introduces innovative techniques to increase production. In addition, DCA promotes hygienic measures to reduce production losses and to broaden the markets. By linking farmers to input suppliers and service providers as well as to the markets DCA creates viable chains from producer to consumer. Such thriving livestock value chains offer the Afghan rural population new opportunities for higher incomes and new jobs.

DCA is keen on developing strong links with local and national government departments. The private veterinary services can only be sustainable, when they are embedded in a well-functioning national animal health system.To this aim, DCA links the VFUs to the public veterinary services thereby strengthening the National Veterinary Services. Moreover, DCA is engaged in building the capacity of public livestock workers, and in lobbying for the development of specific livestock policies and legislation.

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Important to DCA’s work is also the One Health Approach, a multidisciplinary approach to achieve the best health for people, animals and the environment. Read more

In our choice of beneficiaries we focus where possible especially on women (gender), as well as Kuchi, which are Afghan pastoralists.

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