Published 2015

Published 2015

December 2015
The 25th anniversary of the Dutch Committee for Afghanistan
October 2015
DCA meeting with Minister of MAIL
September 2015
Celebration 25th anniversary of DCA-VET in the Netherlands
August 2015
DCA celebrates its 25th (+2) anniversary on 3 September 2015
June 2015
DCA appreciates gender equality
May 2015
DCA-NHLP Poultry project successfully completed
April 2015
DCA-VET Monitoring and Data Collection Training
March 2015
RADP-West project awarded to DCA-VET
March 2015
Appreciation letter for extension packages on food safety
February 2015
24th Paravet Training in Herat: all 16 paravets graduated
January 2015
13th Paravet Training in Charikar: 21 paravets graduated

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