Board & Advisory Council

Board & Advisory Council

Being a foundation, DCA Livestock Programs has a Board that outlines the DCA policy. An Advisory Council provides the Board (bi)annually with support and advice. The Board meets approximately 11 times a year; the Advisory Council and the Board meet once or twice a year. The Board of DCA-VET is working on a voluntary base, and will only be reimbursed for costs made for attending meetings of the Foundation and representation.

DCA Board

Theo Lam
(DVM PhD)- Manager Research and Development at GD Animal Health; Part-time Professor bovine mastitis management and milk quality at the Department of Farm Animal Health, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University
Gert-Jan Duives
(DVM)- Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences HAS, Den Bosch, the Netherlands
Romke Steensma
(CA)- Chartered Accountant
Bram Schreuder
Delegated Board Member
(DVM PhD)- Founder and previous director of DCA-VET
Kees van Maanen
(DVM PhD)- Virologist/Senior Scientist at GD (Dutch Animal Health Services Ltd); Animal Health Officer EuFMD/FAO

DCA Advisory Council

Cees de Haan
Retired Senior Advisor World Bank Washington
Henk Moll
Retired Lecturer Development Economics Group, Wageningen University
Akke van der Zijpp
Prof PhD BSc
Retired Professor and General Manager Animal Production Systems Group, Wageningen University
Frauke de Weijer
Programme Associate Conflict, Security and Resilience Programme at the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM)
Peter W. de Leeuw
Former chairman of DCA Board
Lucy Maarse
Senior Advisor Livestock & Livelihood

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