Photo Gallery

  • Para-Veterinarians Trained by DCA-CLAP-Kuchi Project
  • DCA-CLAP-Kuchi project’s achievement appreciated by General directorate of Kuchi
  • Field Day, as the best approach to disseminate the project results with stakeholders
  • Kuchi Para-Vets trained in Artificial Insemination and provided with complete AI kits (Livestock Breeding Improvement)
  • Monitoring Veterinary Field Units, in order to improve the provision of high quality veterinary services
  • DCA-BADILL Project - Urea treatment making process to livestock
  • DCA-BADILL Project- Improved poultry backyard coop
  • DCA-BADILL Project - Inauguration of livestock feed bank in Panjsher province
  • DCA-BADILL Project - Silage making process
  • DCA-Brooke Project-Takhar province-Afghanistan
  • DCA-CCHFV Project - ELISA and PCR Practical Training at CVDRL
  • DCA-CCHFV Project - Awareness and Extension Session
  • Best Practices Explanation to Project Stakeholders
  • DCA-BADILL Project - Distribution of poultries
  • DCA-Brooke Project - Participatory Monitoring & Evaluation Program in Nangarhar Province
  • DCA-Brooke Project - Capacity building of the district based facilitators (field staff) by a senior female staff in Balkh Province
  • Motivated volunteer children equine owners, presenting their findings to the rest of the children
  • Absence of working equines adds burden over the shoulders of rural communities
  • Churning_ Machines distributed to Female Kuchi livestock keepers
  • shows extension message training deliveries
  • Poultry vaccination aiming to prevent the emergence of clinical disease at farm level, thus increasing production
  • CCHF Disease Control and Prevention Campaign
  • Clinic Checking
  • DCA-CCHF Project - Dr Lieve Lynen, parasitology expert
  • Extension Group
  • vaccination
  • shows kuchi using churning machine
  • Herat Field Day
  • Feeding low-quality straw to livestock
  • Backyard Poultry farming

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