Published 2019

January 2019 4 January 2019DCA/FAO PPR control and eradication programme rated by OIE as a Success story. Read the story here Download Report 8 January 2019Take a look at DCA’s activities in the IFAD/MAIL CLAP Kuchi project Watch Videos 16 January 2019Theo Lam, new chairman DCA Board Download Report 17 January 2019DCA Herat Appreciation Letter [...]

Published 2018

January 2018 16-Feb-2018Contract signed with PUR on Breeding Program Download Report 29-March-2018Brooke and DCA: a new partner grant agreement Download Report 15-May-2018DCA starts third FAO funded PPR project Download Report 30-June-2018Successful EU project closed: all targets reached Download Report December-2017The DCA annual report for -2017 Download Report September-2018FAO PPR III, a small project with impressive [...]

Published 2017

December 2017 DCA UNODC funded BADIL project Download Report Success Story of Mrs. Panahi EU-West Download Report داستان موفقیت خانم پناهی، برنامه EU در غرب افغانستان Download Report د آغلې پناهی بریا کیسې، د EU پروګرام د افغانستان په لویدیځ سیمه کی Download Report November 2017 Closing of the RADP-S project Download Report Success story [...]

Published 2016

December 2016 Success story Farmer Extension Group, RADP-South project Download Report The role of Self Help Groups in empowering rural women Download Report November 2016 Distribution of paravet kits in Kandahar Download Report Urea treatment of straw in the DCA CLAP Kuchi project Download Report Exposure visit for pastoralists to Baghlan province Download Report Agreement [...]

Published 2015

December 2015The 25th anniversary of the Dutch Committee for Afghanistan Download Report October 2015DCA meeting with Minister of MAIL Download Report September 2015Celebration 25th anniversary of DCA-VET in the Netherlands Download Report August 2015DCA celebrates its 25th (+2) anniversary on 3 September 2015 Download Report June 2015 DCA appreciates gender equality Download Report May 2015 [...]

Published 2014

December 2014Farmer Field Days Dec 2014 Download Report December 2014Appreciation letter for finalized GIZ Dairy project Download Report November 2014Do Not Forget Afghanistan Download Report October 2014Success Story beneficiary of RMLSP-project Download Report October 2014RADP-West project awarded to DCA-VET Download Report September 2014Successful CCHF campaign in Herat Download Report August 2014Afghanistan CIP Results Dissemination Seminar [...]

Published 2013

December 2013IDEA NEW end of project Download Report November 2013DCA participating in One Health Symposium Kabul Download Report October 2013 Launching of a New Extension Package on Veterinary Public Health Download Report June 2013Dari translation EU Summary Impact studies خلاصه Download Report June 2013Pashtu translation EU summary Impact studies Download Report June 2013 25th Anniversary [...]

Published 2012

December 2012Filming without Camera Download Report December 2012Two new projects for DCA Download Report October 2012World Development Information Day Download Report October 2012Free Veterinary Services Download Report October 2012DCA VET livestock extension Download Report October 2012AgFair Herat Download Report August 2012CCHF outbreak in Herat Download Report August 2012Uruzgan Appreciation Letter Download Report July 2012New World [...]

Published 2011

December 2011Extension GIZ Livestock and Poultry projects Download Report December 2011Eighteen new paravets graduated in Herat Download Report October 2011DCA Farmers Field Day in Badakhshan Download Report October 2011New Project: Farmer Field Training in Badghis Download Report September 2011Support for DCA-VET approach Download Report September 2011DCA VET staff on US study tour Download Report September [...]

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