Published 2016

Published 2016


December 2016

Success story Farmer Extension Group, RADP-South project
The role of Self Help Groups in empowering rural women

November 2016

Distribution of paravet kits in Kandahar
Urea treatment of straw in the DCA CLAP Kuchi project
Exposure visit for pastoralists to Baghlan province
Agreement FAO/DCA PPR Expansion project signed

October 2016

Paravet graduation certificates signed for the first time by Ministry of Agriculture

September 2016

27th Paravet Training Course Inauguration
CCHF Campaign Herat and Nangarhar
CLAP Kuchi Field Day Report
RMLSP Farmers Field Day: learning by seeing
Pilot FAO/DCA FMD project
August 2016
Evaluation of RMLSP project
July 2016
RADP-West winding up prematurely
April 2016
DCA co-organiser of National Conference on Livestock Sector Development
April 2016
DCA-VET/Brooke partnership extended for another year
April 2016
Sad news: loss of Dr Zaid and Dr Shah
January 2016
DCA, FAO and MAIL engaged in tackling spread of PPR

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